Wireless Contact Microphone Kit


Model KWL-3000 – Wireless Contact Microphone Kit

  • Built-In rechargeable battery: 3.7V Lithium
  • Continuous monitoring time:100hours;
  • Noise Filter: A(200Hz)  B(800Hz) C(1200Hz) 
  • Probe Sensitivity -70dB
  • Amplification: 20000  
  • Built-In  audio transmitter
  • Microphones: Wall Contact and Needle Mic
  • Audio Record Socket
  • High Quality Headphones
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High-sensitivity contact monitor system for audio listening through walls windows doors etc with unique audio transmitter built-in for wireless monitoring and selectable noise filter. The unit comes complete with a surface microphone and needle microphone for insertion into small holes and crevices for optimum clarity.

The KWL-3000 can transmit all audio from its microphones to a remote receiver (supplied separately) so you can remotely record or listen to the transmitted audio. There is an audio recorder socket also, so you can connect a recorder via the 3.5mm jack socket.

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