VHF Audio Bugging Device (250 Days Operation)


Model KBR300V
  • Working time: 250 days using a battery type Lithium 3.6V
  • Range: 100m
  • Working frequency: 173MHz.
  • Dimensions: 18x15x57mm
  • Operates with receiver: KMR100

Professionally made Spy Audio Transmitter Listening Device

This miniature listening device is professionally made for discrete listening of conversations within rooms up to 100 meters away. The microphone is of a high quality and omni directional for all round sensitivity, therefore does not need to be
directed to the sound source. It will pick up conversations as far as 30ft away and discreetly transmit it to the mini pocket receiver where you can listen to the conversations in real time, for the most discrete covert listening. The transmitter can work up to 100m away from the receiver in open air and ideal weather conditions.

Thanks to precision components and SMD technology this device transmission remains stable in all situations event while handling.

Extended working time audio bug 250 days. Stable frequency 0.1MHz.

Additional information

Weight 999.0000 kg


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