Telephone Bug Zapper


KMC is a selective detector of GSM signals produced by GSM mobile phones. The GSM signal analysis respects ETSI specification and is able to eliminate false alarms caused by other RF signals. DMC uses fast signal processing that detects mobile phones even in locations which are very close to the cellular base station.

KMC is resistant against strong FM and TV signals and also against commonly used DECT system. KMC can separately detect analog RF VHF/UHF communication systems in frequencies from 20 to 600 MHz. Up to 128 units can be connected to a KMCC control unit. KMCC is able to selectively eliminate false alarms caused by communication in local VHF/UHF radio network. KMCC also records all detected events that can also be logged on a printer or a PC.

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Main technical characteristics: 
Output voltage :not less than 1500 V
Continuous operation: In manual mode :not more than 10 min
In automatic mode :not more than 20s
Power supply voltage:220 V
Power consumption:not more than 15 W
Overall dimensions : 65 x 170 x 185 mm

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