Spy Bug Detector


Model EM4100 RF Bug Detector

Wide-band bug detector will detect all know transmitting bugs effortlessly. The EM4100 designed and built in the UK to the highest standards and workmanship. The bug detector can detect wireless cameras listening devices etc up to 10 feet away depending on the transmitter power output. There are no complicated setting or adjustments to make, allowing non skilled usage.


  • Cellphone Bugs
  • Infinity Transmitters
  • GPS Tracking Bugs(GSM)
  • Cellphone Usage and Bugs
  • Illicit SMS message sending receiving
  • Telephone Taps
  • Room Bugs
  • Body Wires
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Data Transmitters
  • WiFi bugs
  • 3G, CDMA, GSM1800 GSM 900 GSM1900

The New EM 4100 Professional handheld Bug Detector.

A high quality easy to use digital bug and RF detector, designed and manufactured in the UK.

This device is easy to use by novices and pros alike and has an intuitive 10 segment LED bar display, for indicating the presence of wireless bugging devices and hidden cameras. It will also detect other RF signals like WiFi and Bluetooth connections. It easily detects low powered GSM devices where a lot of higher priced competitor bug detectors are unable to detect. The device has a sensitivity control which enables easy location of the detected signal visually and with a audible alert which demodulates signals received from audio bugs. It is small enough to be operated from a pocket allowing covert operation. The bug detector construction is of formed aluminium and is supplied in a hard case.


Operating Frequency Range – 50Mhz- 3Ghz

Dimensions – 100x25x70mm

Power Supply – Battery 9V

Additional information

Weight 999.0000 kg


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