Proffessional Mobile Phone Communications Jammer


The KJB 4000 is a mobile phone communications jammer used only in professional aplications, and to be installed by trained personnel only. Having a total output power of 100W this unit will block all cellular communications within a range of up to 200m depending on location. It covers all the GSM bands 800/900/1800/1900Mhz and also CDMA band so therefore is compatible for use in all countries world wide

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Output Frequency Average Output Power Channel Output Power
CDMA 870-880MHz 46dBm 13dBm/100KHz (min)
GSM 930-960MHz 46dBm 13dBm/100KHz (min)
DCS 1805-1850MHz 46dBm 10dBm/100KHz (min)

PHS or CDMA1900

1900-1915MHz or 1975-1980MHz

46dBm 10dBm/100KHz (min)
Output Power
Power Source
AC220V 50Hz
Jamming Range
Operating Time

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