Professional Bug Sweeper



  • Frequency range 43-2700 MHz, average sensitivity for S/N = 10 dB 30 uV
  • Demodulation WBFM, NBFM, AM; IF bandwidth 400kHz
  • 2×16 character alphanumeric LCD with 40 level signal strength linebars
  • 512 multifrequency background channels and 16 rewritebale “new signal” channels
  • ID code agains unauthorized manipulation; 65536 combinations
  • Frequency measurement 43-4000 MHz, resolution 0.1MHz, accuracy better than 0.001
  • New signal detected in max. 6 seconds (1 cycle 43 – 4000 MHz)
  • Elimination of false alarms by inteligent pre-alarm, alarm and post-alarm system
  • Optical and switchable acoustic alarm with external LED output
  • Power: 9V internal ACCU or 6F22 battery, internal recharge circuit
  • Size: 136 X 49 X 137 mm, weight 620g (inc. battery)
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New EM-KMRA radio spectrum analyzer is a unique radio receiver designed for instant disclosure of radio bugs running in wide range of radio frequency in the radio spectrum.EM- KMRA selectively eliminates even strong local TV and radio broadcasting, or mobile and data transmitters, using unique frequency processing combined with extra fast spectrum comparisons. Checked “bugs free” spectrum is stored in the background memory and compared with actual signals every 6 seconds. A new suspicious signal activates a 3-level alarm mechanism. The new signal is also recorded in a separate alarm memory.

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