Audio Recorder Jamming System


audio recorder jamming system blocks all microphones from transmitting or recording your meetings or conversations. It silently disrupts the microphone in electronic devices making them desensatised and unable pickup your conversations. No human audible sounds are generated from the system.

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Specially developed to block hidden recorders listening devices and cellphones from covertly or overtly recording your sensitive conversations.

This unique system uses silent acoustic wave-forms to disrupt microphones rendering them useless in any situation. The system disrupts microphones in all cellular devices so they cannot record your meetings and conversations.

No human audible noise is generated from the system making it totally covert in use.

Can be used in board rooms offices reception areas shops and banks etc

The system comprises of a remote controlled control unit and four ceiling mount transmitters hidden within normal ceiling speaker enclosures for covert operation. Each unit will cover up to 10sqm


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