GSM SPY CLOCK.MMS Picture Sending


Model IF3

Unique Features activated by SMS

Photo Shooting

Photo Shooting and Sendback

Video Recording

Audio Recording

Sound Control Call Back

SMS Call Back

Battery Status

Unique GSM Infinity spy clock with built in hidden spy camera which can send MMS pictures on command from your smartphone. The GSM Infinity Clock has a built in sound sensor which you can control from your smartphone by SMS command. When sound is heard the device will either call you or send you a SMS message to alert you. The camera will record images or real time footage on demand and directly to the built in SD card recorder DVR. All functions are directly controlled by your smartphone and remotely by SMS. It even has a low battery warning alert which is also sent to you by SMS. Using your smartphone or landline you can make a normal voice call to the GSM Spy Clock and it will automatically answer the call without making and sound. After the call is answered you can listen to the surrounding sounds.

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Weight 999.0000 kg


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