GSM Magnetic Field Bug Detector


Magnetic field bug detector. Detects all transmitting and non transmitting devices hidden inside power adapters like GSM bugs, Audio and video bugs inside clocks radios keyboards doors floors walls. It will also detect devices hidden inside car panels and bumpers

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Magnetic field bug detector is a state of the art device for the detection and location of hidden surveillance devices and equipment. The magnetic field detector can easily detect the presence of any electronic or electrical device operating within walls floors, mains adapters, clocks, furniture, car door panels, car bumpers, car dashboards etc. Things like GSM/GPS tracking devices GSM listening devices audio and video transmitters can all be quickly located using the Magnetic Field Bug Detector.
General RF bug detectors cannot detect the presence of devices that do not transmit a wireless communications signal therefore are useless against non wireless devices.
Using the Magnetic Field Bug Detector it picks up the magnetic field generated by any electronic or electrical device operating within its range. The device does not need to be a wireless transmitting device to be detected.
The detector acts like a super sensitive stethoscope that can hear electronic and electrical devices tick.

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