GSM Adapter Listening Devive


Model IF1


GSM World Listening Device

SMS alerts to your phone in the event of sound detection

Call Back alerts in the event of sound detection

Sensitivity level settings by SMS comands

Made in the UK

This UK style double adapter type plug has a professional high quality GSM Spy Engine fitted inside with a high sensitivity microphone and internal noise filtering circuitry. This device allows you to listen to the room conversation from anywhere in the world by simply dialling the SIM card telephone number. The device will automatically answer the call and open up its microphone. The device has additional unique features such as SMS alert, this function will send you a sms message whenever sound is heard within the premises. It also has Ringback which when activated will call you whenever sound is heard in the premises. Sound sensitivity settings can also be made via SMS comands

Additional information

Weight 999.0000 kg


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