GPS Jammer Detector


Detects the use of GPS Jammers inside vehicles and cargo.

Dimensions 150x100x50mm
Weight 300grams
GSM Network 900Mhz 1800Mhz 1900Mhz
Relay Output NC/NO 5Amp
Sound Output 120dB
Supply Voltage 9-30V DC
Current 20mA standby
Battery 12V 5A Lithium Ion (optional)

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New high tech GPS Jammer Detector for use in vehicles or within cargo.
The GPS 6000S will instantly go into alarm state should a GPS Jammer be activated within the proximity of the vehicle in which it is installed. The alarm is an audible 120dB siren which will force the Jammer user to switch the Jammer off. In the alarm state the GPS 6000S will also send a SMS message to a pre programmed number to notify the user of the Alarm event. Up to 5 numbers can be notified.
The GPS 6000S also has a relay contact output which can be interfaced to other devices like car alarms, electric windows and doors or even ignition systems to disable the vehicle.
This device can be used in fleet vehicles, cargo vehicles, shipping containers etc where existing GPS tracking devices have been installed and additional security against GPS Jammers is required.
An optional battery can be supplied and fitted internally which can be used as a power backup or for standalone use.

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