Bug Detector Camera Hunter




  • Search mode with audible and light indication
  • Easy location and detection of digital pulse transmitters
  • Detection of mobile phone bugs
  • Detection of GSM Infinity transmitters
  • Watch Dog Mode
  • Acoustic Feedback Mode


  • Detection Frequency Range; 100-3000MHz
  • Sensitivity : not less than 100mV/m
  • Dynamic Range : not less than 40 dB
  • Detection Range
  • for RF Transmitter 5mW = not less than 5m
  • for Mobile phone = not less than 20m
  • Dimensions : 77x47x5mm
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Bug Detector Camera Hunter is a credit card sized bug detector used to locate and detect listening devices, hidden cameras, tracking devices, bumper beepers wireless cameras and more. Due to its unique size you can carry it in your wallet or purse and go un noticed when you need to perform a quick covert bug sweep.

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