Audio Recorder Jammer


audio recorder jammer. Blocks microphones in hidden recorders cellphones and all kinds of listening devices. Preventing them from recording your conversations.

Blocks ipones samsung android phones htc nokia and all other brands of mobile phone.No human audible noise is generated from the device

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Covert audio recorder jammer, silently protects you’re conversations from being recorded by hidden recorders mobile phones and listening devices. Using the latest in our acoustics disruption technology.

This device can be used without anyone else knowing that you are using it as it does not make any audible sounds to the human ear. When in use the audio jammer will disrupt microphones in all devices within its range . The recording device or listening device will not be able to clearly record or transmit your conversations. Any device trying to record your conversations will only hear disturbance noise.

The audio recorder jammer can is battery operated for portable use and can operate continuously for up to 3hrs.

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