Audio Microphone Surveillance Kit with Needle, Contact Microphone


Model KWL-2000

Audio Microphone Surveillance Kit
High Gain Amplifier with Compression
Needle Microphone
Contact Microphone
Directional Microphone
Seed Microphone

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This is a profession grade audio microphone surveillance kit. For discrete listening of conversations through various mediums and long range monitoring of live conversations. The kit contains the following:-

* Portable high gain audio amplifier with highly selective pre-amplifier and headphone unit. The device amplifies the signal derived from the set of supplied microphones from -80dB. The amplifier has a audio output for direct connection to a recoding device through its mini jack socket and mini jack socket for the supplied earphones.The amplifier which is powered from a 9 V battery will operate up to 10 hours on a single Lithium battery.

* Contact Microphone – based on a non piezoelectric transducer, which can pick-up the word spoken from behind a concrete wall up to a thickness of 15cm. But this parameter can be changed if the surface (wall), which is lined with material such as thick wallpaper, Styrofoam insulation, etc.

* Contact Microphone – can be used in hotel rooms, offices, boardrooms etc by listening through the central heating pipes, doors, windows, floors, walls etc.

* Directional microphone – a high quality miniature low-noise capacitive microphone with highly directional characteristics: allowing you to pick-up normal conversation from a distance of up to 20m. It is small enough that it can be easily held in your hand and covertly directed at the conversations that you want to hear or record.

* Microphone on “Wire” – High sensitivity omni directional microphone for recording conversations through the ventilation ducts ceiling voids, hollow walls electrical conduit, floor boards etc. Once you know where, you simply send down our microphone and listen to what is happening in the room.

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