25GHZ Multi Purpose Search Kit



KRFD-2 is a multipurpose sensitive radio frequency detector namely suited for basic service in electronic counter-measures. Simple attendance and optimized user parameters make the KRFD-2 detector very useful for all people handling with confidential information. Every day portable usage is one of the best preferred features of KRFD-2.  The main function of KRFD-2 is identification and localization of active wireless bug transmitters. Special compensated detection system gives the user instant information about real RF field intensity and together with attached graph the distance of 0.1 to 10 mW bug can be estimated. The unique advantage of KRFD-2 software is detection and localization of technologically most dangerous digital and pulse bug transmitters. The unit also allows permanent room protection, by connection of external probe or line adapter KLTA-2.

        – sensitivity: for 0.06 uW at 500 MHz: 10 cm
        – frequency range: 0.5 MHz to 25 GHz
        – external probe:    10 MHz to 20 GHz
        – pulse memory: maximum level, 16 events
        – variable tone for transmitter localization



KWHG is a wide band multi-signal internally FM and AM modulated power generator which together with an appropriate antenna activates hidden wires and makes them visible for KRFD-2 detector. The function is based on the antenna principle it means that no non-linear elements are required for a positive response. The result is that any wire leading in or out from the inspected area (room) can be discovered.

        – multi-signal, AM/FM modulated wide band generator
        – audio modulation 1 kHz
        – output voltage 8 V p-p
        – power 9 V, 2 x battery IEC 3R12 or equivalent
        – current consumption 29 mA
        – low voltage indicator, indicates drop below 7 V



KLTA-2 is line and telephone adapter which can be connected to the EXT.PROBE input of KRFD-2. In AUDIO mode the telephone and other suspected wires could be checked for presence of any audio signal to detect connected loudspeakers, modified telephones, microphones etc. The green plug is ground, white is active. In the detect mode AM and FM detector is activated and the band switch (kHz) is selecting frequency ranges (band of filtering) 20-50 kHz, 50-90 kHz, 90-160 kHz. These frequencies are often used for low frequency line listening systems on telephone or mains wires.

        – Audio sensitivity: 0.3 mV 10Hz to 10 kHz
        – Frequency response:  20 kHz – 160 kHz, extended to 5 MHz
        – LF sensitivity: 20 kHz – 160 kHz 0.4 to 12 mV ef.
        – isolation: Ground (green) 100 nF / 275 V AC
                          Active (white)        1 nF / 440 V AC

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  • Frequency range 43-2700 MHz, average sensitivity for S/N = 10 dB 30 uV
  • Demodulation WBFM, NBFM, AM; IF bandwidth 400kHz
  • 2×16 character alphanumeric LCD with 40 level signal strength linebars
  • 512 multifrequency background channels and 16 rewritebale “new signal” channels
  • ID code agains unauthorized manipulation; 65536 combinations
  • Frequency measurement 43-4000 MHz, resolution 0.1MHz, accuracy better than 0.001
  • New signal detected in max. 6 seconds (1 cycle 43 – 4000 MHz)
  • Elimination of false alarms by inteligent pre-alarm, alarm and post-alarm system
  • Optical and switchable acoustic alarm with external LED output
  • Power: 9V internal ACCU or 6F22 battery, internal recharge circuit
  • Size: 136 X 49 X 137 mm, weight 620g (inc. battery)

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