• Custom made remote surveillance cameras which can be monitored using your smartphone Android or IOS device from anywhere in the world. Products can be equiped with optional microwave sensing shutdown startup, Infrared night vision, local or remote recording and more..


  • Covert pocket bug detector. For discrete detection of hidden surveillance devices including wireless cameras, GSM infinity bugs, WiFi cameras, VHF and UHF audio bugs, cellphone listeners, telephone taps and more. LEDs only light up when radio frequency signals are detected..


  • Precision multifunction bug detector. For rapid detection of surveillance devices using the mains wiring circuit within the premises to transmit audio and video information to a remote location away from the premises. Bugs using the mains powerline cannot be detected using conventional bug detectors.


  • Hidden nanny cameras for long range monitoring andcovert  recording. Can be custom made to your personal requirements and monitored using your smartphone Android or IOS device from anywhere in the world



Featured Products

  • EM3000 Pocket Bug Detector

    EM3000 Pocket Bug Detector

    Universal Pocket Bug Detector
  • Powerline Bug Detector

    Powerline Bug Detector

    Used to detect and locate listening devices and hidden cameras which use the AC mains current cables within buildings to transmit information. These type of devices can be cleverly installed in anything that connects to the mains supply line. They can transmit very long distances through the mains wiring. No other rf bug detector will detect this type of device as they do not transmit any signals through the air.


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